Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Fix Is In


What does it mean when every mainstream print-media outlet, including the so-called alternative papers, endorse one candidate for Mayor?

This is exactly what's happened with the fawning endorsements of Michael Nutter, who happens to be the most anti-freedom person of the five candidates. He's tried to ban skateboarding from ALL public (i.e., the people's) property. He pushed through a smoking ban in the city. He's the only one of the five who is pushing a scary stop-and-frisk police policy that would throw out individual rights. Yet the liberals and the hipsters in this town are fully behind the man.

What's really happening?

Could the newspaper endorsements possibly have anything to do with the fact that these papers get large chunks of their ad revenue from property owners (the town's many realtors, property management companies, and slumlords)-- and that Mr. Nutter is the most pro-property, pro-bourgeois, pro-gentrification, pro-U of Penn-gobbling-up-the-city politician around?

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JeffOYB said...

It makes one wonder about the Philly blogosphere.

But would we be surprised if most of them were into that mayor dude? Because how many bloggers want to be pals with those in power? Of course realtors, et al, don't determine only the media via their ads, what do bankers, insurers, engineers think of the powerplayers? Everyone gets a piece! Right, Mr. Minderbinder?

Then the obvious: How many bloggers want to write for the papers that are biased by the powers?

Then there are the Circle A bloggers...