Sunday, May 20, 2007

ULA Review Blog

Please note that I've finally linked to the revamped ULA Review blog ( and posted a quick look at the new book Reclaiming History by Vincent Bugliosi, a lengthy examination of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (Please read as well the recent essay posted on the blog by James Nowlan.)

I've decided not to write any overarching remarks for this blog (a renewal of one originally started by ex-ULAer Noah Cicero). I may post my individual ideas about the nature of reviewing here, at my personal microphone-- but can't speak for the entire ULA organization, which is a grouping under an umbrella name of a variety of viewpoints. (If other ULAers wish to cooperate in a Statement of Principle for the review blog, they're welcome to do so.)

p.s. I have two new reviews in the works for the ULA Review, so please watch for them! Thanks.

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