Thursday, May 31, 2007


The Media Monopolies tolerate the small press because it's no threat, taking away from them an infintesimal percentage of the overall pie. To allow the small press to exist-- to put safe members of the small press into the spotlight-- gives the Big Five cover; saying, "We're not so bad, really."

(When there was a Big Three in the auto industry in the 50's and 60's, they kept tiny American Motors around for the same reason.)

For monopolists, having harmless token opposition is a win-win situation.

The ULA Difference is that we don't play this game. We say, "This is bullshit." We speak out against the print media Giants and their demi-puppet enablers. We don't accept things-as-they-are. We're not going to give them their comfortable space of domination.

Instead, we're telling them and the lit world that we're the original writers of our day. We don't care how Big the Big Guys are. We're not impressed. We see a lot of nothing. We're prepared to knock them back and knock them down. We're competing.

Check out our books. Surf the new literary wave.

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