Friday, June 01, 2007

Fighting the Robber Barons


In school they may still teach about the "Robber Baron" era of American history.

Today's monopolists are so big and powerful as to make past versions appear like kids at lemonade stands. One of the lesser of their number was able to purchase, by himself, once-mighty Chrysler Motor Car company.

UNreported by literary journalists is today's robber baron media: Rupert Murdoch, Summer Redstone, Si Newhouse and a few other fabulously wealthy individuals dominating music, movies, TV, and the print media. (Tom Hendricks of Musea zeen has done much research on this issue.)

To see gigantic media, visit the Conde-Nast and Time-Life buildings in New York City. Either produces more magazine noise than the rest of America combined. Evil skyscrapers.

Which returns us to this blog's ongoing serial. . . .

Soon to appear: Chapter Nine: Part 3 of "The Meeting."

(I also have a Monday Report upcoming at "DIY?: The Miranda July Story.")


Maxine said...

Hi, just came to your blog from Petrona. Thanks for commenting over there. Your blog reminds me of long ago days in the UK, when there were movements such as yours. Nowadays there doesn't seem to be much of this passion around. Incidentally, do you know that your Blogger settings only allow comments from people with Google accounts? You can easily change this so that anyone can comment.

King said...

Hi. Thanks for reading and commenting.
Read the entire history of this blog and you'll see that at times it's been swamped with oceans of anonymous hate mail. Having folks do a simple registration is a minimum barrier.
I hope you keep looking in on this blog! It's part of some very exciting happenings.