Thursday, June 21, 2007

The ULA Is the Alternative

(Pssst: The ULA Is the Alternative.)


Darn! Every time I plan to cut loose from the ULA (Underground Literary Alliance) to return to a life of hanging out in divey bars (preferably near red light zones), the ULA knocks on my mental consciousness and bellows, "I'M STILL HERE!"

Assessing the literary map, I realize that the ULA is stronger than ever. Better positioned than before.

What? Why? How in the hell did this happen?

Despite our ineptitude-- or because of it, and the laws of the universe in which strength is turned into weakness, and weakness into strength-- WE'VE survived the washout. We've been sitting back with our brews watching so many other better financed small press projects be bought out or go under. Even the McSweeney's trust funders are in some trouble, auctioning off their jewels and yachts on E-bay and such.

Right now, WE'RE the Alternative in the literary world.

The Alternative to the monied PENs BEAs NBAs and their NBCC flunkies.

The Alternative to status quo More-of-the-Same lit bloggers. (Including gatekeepers pretending not to be gatekeepers.)

While everyone else stumbles-- gentrified newspaper book reviewers across the land crying, "Please rescue us!"-- the ULA is thriving. (With new projects in the planning stage, yet to announce.) Somehow, we've done a few things right. The outlook is rosy. The new ULA book tour, which will spotlight the ULA's unbeatable voices, and outrageous new books, is only the first step of many exciting happenings.

Forget the obvious Palooka-Dishwasher-Bolano mock-ULA rip-offs.

Face it: If you want a real alternative in the literary world you have to come to us.

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