Friday, June 29, 2007

ULA Unpredictability

The actions of the Underground Literary Alliance are generally incomprehensible to the literary "mainstream," because we don't play by the accepted rules of the game. We're not out for quick self-aggrandisement.

We, in fact, offer new thinking-- the kind of thinking we believe the public would want from a renewed literature. And so, the most important block in our foundation is our group's integrity, which we will not compromise for illusory opportunities of ephemeral compromise or gain. We're building a strong foundation, planting our flag to stay. As the establishment's tower of corruption is misshapen and tottering, our structure will be democratic, aligned, and aesthetically and ethically harmonious. We've thrown off the old "standards" which have been guidelines for artistic failure. We're experiencing the breathtaking challenge of making a new beginning.

Literature must be the greatest aspect of a society-- the expression of a culture's voice and also the one place people can go to when looking for honesty, character, and truth-telling. Writers should not be manufactured automatons. We see the role of poet and writer in a culture as more relevant, more meaningful, more necessary, beyond occupying a stultifying and predictable niche as paid mercenary for the interests of conformity, like too many writers today.

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