Thursday, June 14, 2007

Reading America

THE HIGH PRIESTS of the literary establishment are making things easy for the Underground Literary Alliance. They're abdicating.

They represent a tiny sliver of the American people and now are preparing to leave the country altogether, presumably for some hovering NBCC-PEN space station from which they can direct their polyglot "Reading the World" campaign.

After all, why not? For them it makes perfect sense. Due to their cluelessness and their ineptitude they've lost the American public, have retreated to tax-shelter foundational fortresses on their money-fortress island of Manhattan, their last bastion last refuge like an enclosed quarantined island of intellectual insanity. WHY NOT? As I write this the NBCC-PEN-BEA-N&1-B.S.'ing space colonizing Aristocrats are making plans to depart the country. Their Louis Vuitton bags are packed. In their minds they've already left. Never fear! They announce to us over crackly outerspace intercoms they will continue to direct operations from on high, for the good of all, for our benefit, from their well-stocked spaceship.

Meanwhile down here on Earth the ULA has picked up the dropped thread of American literature. Remember that term? It once stood for something that was pretty great. Once long, long ago. We're pioneers renewing the word. We're the sound of the people of the land the earth the towns farms and streets of this nation. We're publishing books of great new voices. To experience the real writers of Today you have to read them.

The American public now belongs to us. If present avenues of announcing this are blocked by the Overdogs of past culture and their brainwashed bought-off Janissaries, we'll create our own.

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