Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lit Mystery Update!

At last-- a new string of chapters begun at

A fictional novel about gang wars in the literary scene. It resumes slowly, setting the stage for what will culminate in cinematic fireworks.

Speaking of which, my "Ten Best Movies" series will resume soon at
-- along with other happy literary stuff including an essay on "The Great Reaction, 1953-2008" in American letters, as well as reviews of Amy Hempel and John Updike.

On this blog: "Who Are the Demi-Puppets?" in which I will offer the notion they're on the wrong side; and the beginning of profiles of various generic categories of underground writers. Not to mention an essay on the Rebellion, "Victory Denied?"

(I will also be addressing the smorgasboard of points made by the anonymice at this address-- the most exciting blog in the literary universe.)

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