Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My four-part series on the major publishing industry has begun at

(I also have some remarks from Philly poet Victor Thompson at


FDW said...

Well certainly the anti-poet and infamous libertine.
Which readers will figure out when they go there.
Otherwise sometimes hyperbole should be limited to its part- of- speech domain as it does lead to further aslienation?

Anonymous said...

This Peggy Seltzer/"Margaret B. Jones" controversy with another fake memoir sure seems to be right down the King's crusading alley.

But the King ain't been heard from.

Oh, I forgot. He's Happy now. He lives in Happy America. He's not mad anymore.

You just knew all those Iron Cities would erode his brain cells sooner or later.

Before long he'll be even happier. Sitting on a park bench across from a grade school in Hamtranck. Makin' like Aqualung.