Monday, March 17, 2008

A Movement of Ideas

One thing I haven't stressed enough is that the literary rebellion stands on a foundation of ideas. The underground arose as an expression of ideas, DIY ideas, given voice by Wred Fright, Tom Hendricks, Doug Holland, Doug Bassett, Fred Woodworth, Violet Jones, and so many others.

The rebellion, as a whole, is the only literary movement around today which represents new thought; an entirely new way of viewing literature and the literary world.

At the core, these ideas are aimed at breaking down two monopolies:
1.) The physical monopoly represented by the conglomerates.
2.) The intellectual monopoly, which I call Literary Solipsism, that has dominated poetry and prose for fifty years.


john said...

What, specifically, is this new way of viewing literature?

jimmy grace said...

King's way is to bitch about the art of others rather than making his own. "This blog is a good book," what even to say about such bullshit?

FDW said...

John, Prester JOHN, Ahazureus or whomever you need to look over Pound's ABC pf reading, but especially EP's "make it new"
and KING you should reread Shelley's "Ozymandius", 1817.
Other than that everybody should be watching HBO's mini-series "John Adams"-- one of the best things on TV ever.
Besides being very much in the mix of everything on this Blog and the ULA in general for the past 6 years-- especially the CIAKGB and the importance of literature issues.

FDW said...

Hey Gimme Grease:
You too should read... well something other than Limey Snickers--
it's making you too cynical and the page-boys are talking.

KING's wright on here-- and there are plenty ofothers in the Resistence who agree along with him.
"This blog WILL make a great book"!

Get Real! Check out:

for an authentic Swedish Viking underground writer's great poem.

Anonymous said...

The "great poem" in question is called “Fight to Awaken – Fight to See!” by “Stefan – the Swedish Viking, Raider of prose, Rapist of poetry! My hometown is Strängnäs.” It reads as follows:

“Their Fog-machines put out an impenetrable haze
which shrouds you in

Your thoughts, like petals
off a withering
Rose, shrivel and fall to the ground.

Don’t be afraid to pick them back up,
even though they may have gotten

Chew on them, digest them,
them, then spit them out
into the faces of those who walk
in the fog
together with you.

Those who don't
or react in any way –
forget about them, they are without

But to the others – those who clench their
to strike back at you – shout to them loudly:

‘Fight to awaken – Fight to See!’ ”


File under: Continuing Persecution of Us by Them. Subcategory: “They” are confusing you, but my special powers allow me to see through their spell. Distinguishing features: autocannibalism, vomit as weapon of enlightenment. Diagnosis: infant, deprived of breast, desires to punish the offending world.

FDW said...

Yeah, man I love it!
Like TG Slone over at the American Dissident loves Robinson Jeffers.
Anonymouse, are you, besides being a coward to hide your face and name, a coward, and afraid that the THEY you're referring to is you and the Anglos hold up in their warlord keeps. Afraid the human beings and their warrior- shaman- oracle comrades might stand up against the Injustice and pillage and burn your gated communities? And liberate the MFA slave class.

Anonymous said...

You might do better to hide your face and name. It doesn’t look to me as if you’ll be pillaging or burning anything. Stuttering and snacking: that's more your style.

It signs its name to everything because it wants attention: but why does it cry in its crib for attention?

Anonymous said...

Wenclas and Walsh live on TV.
Give it a minute of your time.

FDW said...

Like Portho
maybe Falstaff
or old Li Po
drunk on horseback
I'd rather say
than be some hack
oft time I don a mask
to break the bank
and take it back
instead of wearing
as you do the past
like a std rash.

King said...

A new way of viewing literature is seeing it within its context.
A.) Within the context of the Machine which creates it. (Which I touched on in my "Four-Part" series on the happy blog.
b.) To see American literature within the context of historical and cultural trends and movements.
Gore Vidal gives 1950 as the beginning of America's "perpetual war" and the onset of the Security-State, in place of what had once been an imperfect republic.
Curiously enough, 1950 is also the starting point of the big reaction against all gains from 1900 to 1950making American literature more relevant and populist-- taking the art instead into the solipsism within which it dwells now.

Anonymous said...

“Uh, you know, uh, Rick Moody is uh, is uh, you know, you know, God bless him, uh, represents, uh, you know, the, uh, the, uh, you know penultimate establishment writer, you know. [...] Uh, the wall is, uh, you know, basically, as, as, as Reagan would, might, might paraphrase, uh, ‘Mister Moody, tear down this Wall Street.’ The wall is, is a, a, you know, uh, uh, a psychological, and, uh, uh, the result of, of, of marketing, uh, in, in, and other agendas, establishment status quo agendas, to alienate, um, the potential, uh, public.”

That's right, Li Po.
You shuh, shuh, show 'em
who's buh, buh, boss.

FDW said...

Yo Anchoviemous:
I'm sorry cracker I can't understand a word your saying with that thing in your mouth.

( I do sometimes wonder who is writing tho from what library or Starbuck's at 9:27 AM-- not certainly anyone who works hard everyday?)

FDW said...

I was supposed to debate Schider on WNYC that morning and of course I was a bit nervous but the coward backed down and used the oppurnity to shamelessly to promote his book on Howl. And Moody and Lopate's cannibalization of the truth at Columbia U.
But I would certainly tear him a new oneifIhad the opportunity
at any time and any place as of today.
And I'd like you to tell him so as your kissing his old one if you have the guts.

Otherwise Yes everyone should run over to the main ULA site and check that interview out its in Pat's Howl Protest pages!

Anonymous said...

Just because it’s half past nine wherever your blog checks its watch doesn’t mean it’s half past nine at that moment in every time zone all over the world.

You do understand, don’t you, that there are other places besides the place where you are?

Anonymous said...

“Dimmy Grease: ‘There you go again’ [...] Also you shld. take that thing out of your mouth if you want anybody to understand what yr.bering about.”
—FDW, 2/26/2008.

“Yo Anchoviemous: I'm sorry cracker I can't understand a word your saying with that thing in your mouth.”
—FDW, 3/21/2008.

Got any other ones?
or did you eat them?

King said...

The demi-puppets can't stand new ideas, can they?

FDW said...

No, it's all you're worth the time or energy gnik, er I mean geek. Get a life, get a job-- nothing like what digging a ditch or letting your hair grow or getting down with a good independent underground tome published by ULA/OYBD Press.

FDW said...

"You do understand, don’t you, that there are other places besides the place where you are?"

Yo mean hunkie Detroit,
places like that?

"Just because it’s half past nine wherever your blog checks its watch doesn’t mean it’s half past nine at that moment in every time zone all over the world."

Or does it? Yeh, I am. The Center Of yr. universe at least-- I must have struck a sober nerve-- you are nervous about me aren't you pudd'n' head. my. for me there is no time but the present--
L'temp cest moi!