Friday, April 18, 2008

Revolutionary Writing

READERS of this blog keep asking where's the new underground writing. It's under their noses. They're reading it. From the start I've offered literary criticism unlike any seen anywhere, in that I place literature within context of A.) current historical trends; B.) the Machine which produces it.

I've also worked to build alternatives, and have presented in-person criticism through various live crashes and confrontations, with the ULA and without them: criticism taken OFF the page and put directly in front of the lit crowd.

Most recently I've been working to create a new-style of book review which can rescue the genre. In coming months on my various blogs I'll be presenting varied examples.

Standard lit people have been trained to think in terms of what's available now-- the safe and known. Which means, stories and novels.

When being questioned about the underground last July by a staffer before going on a Philly radio show, I was asked if we write short stories. (Creative Writing class thinking.) "Short stories?" I said. "We're not from a writing class. We're undergrounders. We produce ZEENS. We're not the same-old same-old."

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