Thursday, April 10, 2008


My review of Susan Nagel's paean to royalty, Marie Therese, Child of Terror, should be up on one of my blogs by Monday. (I have a new writing blog starting.) For a quick preliminary taste, here's the review's opening.
This biography of Marie Antoinette's daughter, which is getting a big push by publisher Bloomsbury (they even sent me a copy!), has more to say about American aristocratic attitudes today than about what really happened in France in the late 18th century.

As history the book is ridiculous. As biography it's soap opera. Its appeal is to the imaginations of the privileged upper caste of our own civilization.
Will I be able to support these statements? Check back to see.

Meanwhile, partying for the book by today's aristos has begun. For a glimpse, see


"Brooklyn" Frank Marcopolos said...

Those are some of the whitest people I've ever seen.

King said...

FYI: "Roody" sounded too much like the character also known as "The Mole."
Plus I like "Brooklyn"'s post up at the top.

King said...

Re the other post that was here:
Underground in-fighting has no place on this blog, and won't be tolerated.
It does well illustrate the problems of putting together such a movement-- keeping everyone on the same page and moving forward against our real opponents. "Eyes on the Prize." Close to impossible given the nature of underground writers.