Wednesday, April 09, 2008


A new chapter of "Plutocracy USA" is already up at Literary Mystery,

The chapter is called, "The Wheels of Reaction." You might find it fun.
I'm working furiously to read and review a new 418-page book by Susan Nagel about the French Revolution. I want to review it while the book is "hot." I plan my review to entertain and enlighten. (Also to come: the promised review of Lawrence Richette's latest novel.)

Stay tuned.

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BradyDale said...

Rather than do it all at once, you should do dispatches along the way. I've started doing this on my own site, with Montaigne, as I go through it. I also did it when I spent all of Thanksgiving weekend reading this one huge novel. I offered some thoughts every six or seven chapters or so. I think it's a much fresher way of doing it. You sort of "cover" the experience of a book, like an event, which it is. It's just an event you can hope into any time.