Thursday, May 29, 2008



I began to set up a blog, "Petition to PEN," at
Apparently it's been frozen. Perhaps by the time you read this their review will be over and you'll be able to read what the Petition says.

It's curious-- blogger has thousands and thousands of blogs to manage. Why would they take action like this-- unless someone complained?


King said...

Possible Blogger Terms of Service Violations
This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is currently unpublished. You can view your blog's posts here in Blogger, but you may not make any changes.

(What's said when I log in to the blog.)

fdw said...

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!?????????

"Brooklyn" Frank said...

Free speech for those who own the (digital) presses only, I guess.

Welcome to the new age of global robber barrons, the fuckers./

Tom Hendricks said...

This is weird. What are they reviewing?

Harland said...

King, how did you phrase the petition? I just read the Blogger content rules, which I guess would be the only conceivable TOS violation -- it doesn't appear that a petition in and of itself would be offensive or an infraction of the rules.