Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Obligation of Students

The obligation of university students is to know when they're being force-fed garbage. The purpose of the new generation is to overthrow those who are in charge, not to meekly obediently accept what they're presented, the art of a static present which in a swiftly moving universe is already outdated. Failure to embrace change, to destroy, to burn down and rebuild an art is to fail the reason for which you're born, the reason you've become an artist.

Can one become an artist of any kind without pushing boundaries; without criticizing what is, NOW? You're too complacent. You're too programmed. You're too subservient to the erected temple gods-- Roth, Beattie, Ashbery, Gluck, name as many as you like. If you don't believe you can do way better you have no business calling yourselves writers.

Which is not blindly to accept my ideas either or the ideas and writers of the underground, but to seek and create a synthesis of the new and the past and the now.

You're not amoebas at desks. Challenge your professors.

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