Thursday, July 10, 2008


Harland's plans for war with this blog were about as farsighted as the U.S. military's in 2003 for Iraq. After initial success-- then what? "Harland" is clueless.

What do I do now? Am I banished to a used car lot?

Fact is that without my writing and shit-disturbing I'm a very ordinary guy. I have a strong personality, but need ways to access it.

I've yet to receive from "Harland" (May Barber) any coherent occupation policy about these blogs, which need direction fast as they're losing their audience. Shades of Don Rumsfeld! (Show "Rummy" the door, May.)

Why would I be okay with this? "Harland" has cut down myself and my writing. I offer the person the opportunity to do better. I'm calling the person's bluff. Besides, as Colin Powell told Bush Jr. about Iraq, "If you break it, you own it."

The King Wenclas insurgents are isolated on Literary Mystery (, their last stronghold.

DIY moderates like Brady are silent. The ULA's sole conservative, George, who has always been critical of the literary establishment (and of everyone else) has been purged for outspokenness. Rather than broadening, the movement has narrowed, for good or ill.

In stages, the ULA has been liberated from my presence. The alleged dictator is gone; statues of evil King Wenclas toppling throughout the realm. Strangely, new ULA kingpin Jeff Potter has still asked me to get publicity, as if it's a matter of snapping my fingers and saying, "Abracadabra." (The last publicity I received, the Philly radio show, was both scorned and misused.) He's asked for new ideas. I can hardly offer new ideas when the ideas I've offered aren't followed.

With my toppling there is no central authority in the Rebellion. I kept things together for many years not through any institutional role, but the force of my personality.

With no central authority, and none proposed, we see the ULA breaking into fiefdoms in which one individual, with one area of the Rebellion (say, books) will hold absolute power. This goes against the cooperative spirit of the ULA's original vision. One can't ask for volunteered work without respecting the volunter's input. Maybe this set-up will work. Time will tell.

Whither the cause? Where are the strategies? To ask me to continue to serve the Rebellion with a dozen knives in my back is unsound. Defeated? Certainly. Defeated twenty times over; smashed, stomped, pulverized from every direction in every way possible. I'm in the position everyone wants: sidelined. Hannibal of Carthage after Zama. Vercingtorix laying down his sword. Crazy Horse captured. A handcuffed and unlistened-to opponent of literary Empire.

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King said...

A parenthetical remark:
Note how the omnipresence of mass media can distort the meaning of a name like "Hannibal" related to an historical figure-- in this case, a renowned North African leader who fought the spread of the Roman Empire.
What do the mindless zombies of planet America think of now when they hear the word "Hannibal"?
A serial killer!
Quite astute destruction, using language, of what had been a meaningful symbol of rebellion.