Monday, July 14, 2008

No Peace

It's obvious that peace isn't possible for me with this blog's enemies. I'm supposed to keep this blog going just so long-time foe "Harland" can continue to take shots at me. At the same time I'm not to attack the person's identity directly, now that it's been admitted to me. I don't wish to anyway. The person is in a panic that I might leave and in a panic that I might stay; detests this blog but doesn't want it to go away. For me it's a no-win situation.

Monomania has come from "The Assassin," as fixated on destructive revenge as Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill" or Greg Peck in "The Bravados." As Stephen Boyd eventually tells Peck, "I'm tired of you dogging my trail!"

The serial "Plutocracy USA has turned into a series of chases, quests, searches. We're getting into the heart of the tale. Chapters to come include "Soul of an Assassin," "I, Moby Dick," and "The Court of the Demi-Puppets." A new chapter or two will be up this week.

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