Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting Out

I have two book reviews yet to post at my review blog-- Will do so asap.

I have over a dozen ready posts for this and my other blogs (not counting LitMystery), and notes for a score more. How many, if any, I'll post; whether or not I'll save them for a possible future print-zeen, or File 13 them-- I don't know.

Some people forget that I was recruited, chiefly by Doug B. and Steve K., to get back into lit at a time in '98-'99 when I was doing no writing at all. I determined then to return only to lead a campaign that was balls-to-the wall. I left a good-paying job and moved to Philly to get things going. I pursued the campaign as far as it would go, pulling undergrounders along as far as I could. Now I intend to pick up my life where I left off. I have a few loose ends to tie up first.

The biggest misconception about myself was that I was an embittered writer out solely for himself, to get "published" in any way possible. That's the one thing I never pushed for, even within the ULA itself. My plans were always larger. To be published by the congloms for a token advance and a blowjob I can do without. I entered the campaign not as a writer, but as a salesman; a promoter. My motivations: to change literature from the standpoint of a reader, sure. I also saw tremendous business opportunity if the campaign to create a REAL, distinct alternative to moribund established lit was successful. The opportunity is still there.

For the literary underground, a Big Media campaign was the only way out, and remains the only way out. Content niche-dwellers (OW etc.) aren't ready for prime time. They're intimidated by the larger world, and so are unwilling to leave their safety zones. That's not a criticism. It's a statement of fact.

As is this statement: With my varied skills, including at ideas, showmanship, and p.r., from the start I was the most valuable piece of the puzzle. Others couldn't deal with this. What I badly, badly, badly needed to complement my skills was a genuine and willing "Zeen Elvis" personality or two to be at the forefront of the group.

That my photo went out with our first big story was unfortunate-- but no one else was available for the photog, or, except for Mike J., to meet the journalist for the story. It's more clear now that no one else in the immediate group was ready for the attention and noise. (I received squawking about nearly every story we got. My actions, no matter how beneficial to the campaign, were never good enough. So be it.)

"Crazy King Wenclas"? I played my role well.

Discussion of saboteurs belongs in my fictional serial at
I'll say here: I don't know what they gained. Maybe someday they'll tell me.

Are undergrounders, and the lit world, better off without my presence? I guess we'll find out!
(I'll do at least another post or two this summer before I sign off.)

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