Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update I

The show at the Rotunda was fabulous. See my short review at For me it was great to be an integral part of the ULA again, if only for one week, or one evening. The literary/arts rebellion is alive and well!

Nevertheless, I see my own literary future in focusing on my own writing, as well as in the nascent, yet unlaunched King Wenclas Promotions. I considered reactivating myself within the ULA, but can't say I found much interest in this notion within the current group, nor a lot within myself. I remain a strong Supporter, and will cheer on the ULA from the sidelines as it finds continued success.
(I was heartened to see in the City Paper article-- see post below-- reference made to ULA actions of 8 and 9 years ago; actions for which I've taken a lot of heat from undergrounders and status quo lit people alike. Actions like the Moody Protest remain more vital "hooks" for the ULA and the movement than more predictable endeavors. This confirms me in my vision, expressed a hundred times on this blog as well as in the most recent post-- "Spaces"-- on one of my others, Ya know, nothing happened by happenstance. Believe what you want about intelligent design applied anywhere else: it applied to the ULA. You don't compete with the McSweeneys of the world by winging it without structure, cohesion, and a plan.)

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