Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update II

A.) I'm moving some of my new critical writing off-line into a newsletter, the KING WENCLAS INTELLIGENCE REPORT. (Some will insist the title is an oxymoron.) KWIR will be a sober analysis of the happenings and machinations of the literary world now. Issue #1 will examine America's "New Class" and its effect on literature; as well as include remarks on the literary scene in Philadelphia. Not to be missed! Release date April 2. Email me at on how to reserve a copy (or the next five issues). $2 per issue. Overpriced? Not if it becomes a rare collector's item. Plus, it will give you news and opinion you'll never find anywhere else.

B.) A new protest will be announced shortly. Stay tuned.

C.) I plan to edit a new collection of populist/underground poetry and fiction-- intended to showcase a broader variety of underground voices than perhaps have so far found space in the rebellious literary movement. Whether it will be a zeen, small press book, or print-on-demand one will depend on the size of my stimulus check. This project should keep me out of trouble for most of the year. . . .
WITH THESE PROJECTS I hope to lay the foundation for a Second Wave of literary revolution substantially different from the first. The First Wave continues on, but advance plannning and work is required to jump to another level. Eventually, the two waves will meet up.

In the meantime, King Wenclas Promotions will give me a vehicle responsive to my direction. I have a map and compass. Many roads are offered, but I know the road on which I need to travel.

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