Tuesday, May 10, 2011

About Literary Revolution

WHEN the current literary system collapses it won't be because of anything I do. Fundamental technological changes in how we receive words will be the cause. I've tried to point out structural flaws in the system-- its inadequacy as the engine and promoter of literature-- which argue for inevitable and necessary collapse.

Right now I'm more interested in what should follow the end of literary empire.

We need a broader definition of American literature more in line with American populism, reconnecting with a literary tradition unique to this land and its people, and vastly different from the literary traditions of France and Britain. We need a literature which reflects the American experience and voice: simple, direct, and large.

In a world filled with phoniness and lies, where many distrust what they read and hear from mainstream media-- and with philosophies like postmodernism which celebrate the lie-- literature needs to present stand-up writers who speak with unflinching honesty. This is how the literary art can recapture its once glorious reputation and standing within the larger society. We're a long way from that point!

I've been collecting ideas about what American lit should look like, at a post called "Reinventing the Canon" at


BradyDale said...

I know I'm a bit biased on this, but I do feel like comics are going to ascend in a big way. Too bad they don't seem to be getting that big, broad resurgence of popular interest before they degrade into something only for the smarty-pants.

But I do think they are going to move into respectability and then maybe slightly more visibility as comics begin to appear on high school and middle school required reading lists.

King said...

There was a comment on this post which I was going to respond to, but now it's gone. ??? Maybe it'll show up again.

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