Monday, May 23, 2011

The Problem of the Contemporary

With ten seeds filled for the All-Time American Writer Tournament, I'm encountering more difficult choices-- particularly when assessing the writers of today. See the post,

Let's hear a few nominations.


Robert Hernandez said...

From some quote of yours:

"King Wenclas wrote:
March 25, 2008 at 8:56 am

"Excuse me if I defend myself!)
What bitterness from Mr. King. What disillusionment! Wait until he finds out there’s no Easter Bunny. He’ll be angry for weeks!
The difference between Pat King and myself is that he’s a negativist, while I’m a true believer. Pat doesn’t think the rebellion will succeed, not really; while I KNOW it will. I also know that 90% of accomplishing something is believing it.
You’ll never succeed if you can’t handle failure. Pat’s post screams this."

How's that KNOWLEDGE working for you, boss? Has the REVOLUTION succeeded?

King said...

??? What's the point in taking a comment out of context, from three years ago? To make what point?
Why the animosity?
You've attacked me and the Underground Literary Alliance for several years now, much of it anonymously (as on wiki) for what end?
Why so bothered by the very idea of literary rebellion?
Please explain.

King said...

(The proof of the ULA's relevance is the strong reaction it created. Even now, with it completely quiescent, its opponents apparently aren't satisfied. I'm curious what the objective is. To completely squelch all contrary ideas-- even the hint, or the memory, of such ideas?)

King said...

FYI: Mr. Hernandez, under the IP# and the pseudonym Jookyjo, has been attacking the ULA and myself on wikipedia for more than four years.
I congratulate him on finally going public with his criticism.