Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The World Ending?

Yes , we've all seen the billboards and people on the street with signs proclaiming the end of the world in a few days. Much snickering and amusement.

Yet is this really much different from the predictions of catastrophic global warming being pushed at the public by "green" con-artist hustlers the last twenty years? At least the May 21 hysterics don't seem to be making any bucks from their over-the-top predictions.

The most conned were the Ivy League intellectuals over at the pretentious pseudo-intellectual literary journal n+1. In a more-hysterical-than-usual issue of their rag a few years ago, these cats not only predicted the end of the world as-we-know-it, but also cried unknowingly about the "end of oil." Since then, of course, huge new pools of oil have been found on land and sea. The world is awash in oil-- if there's the will, money, and proper technology to get it out.

"The End Is Near!" Who are those crazy people? Could they possibly be-- gulp-- elite literati?


Anonymous said...

um I think you need to do more research on this topic. oil is a limited resource and the world being "awash" in oil rite now doesn't change that fact.

King said...

um. Do my reseacrh? Some years ago I worked with a trader in commodity futures, and did a little trading myself. All I did was research commodities like crude oil.
The supply of oil is directly related to A.) price-- the potential payoff in going after it; B.) affordable technology; the ability to find, drill, extract, etc, oil from wherever it's at.
There's plenty of oil left on this planet. It's not always affordable to find it or go after it.