Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hendrik Hertzberg Refuses to Engage

Nice to see that New Yorker media editor Hendrik Hertzberg believes (5/29) the Iranian President's letter to President Bush "requires . . . a response."

Hertzberg dismisses Bush's dismissal of Ahmadinejad, criticizing the "refusal to negotiate, or in any way to engage, directly with" Iran and its government. Yet where is the willingness of the New Yorker's upper-class staff to engage the cultural insurgency of the Underground Literary Alliance?

We've sent Hertzberg multiple mailings pointing out the vast gulf between the Haves and Have Nots of American literature-- of how the entire structure is an expression of privilege, corruption, and class. This conflict is no less "a battle of ideas" as any other. Nice to criticize others, Hertzberg, but where are you when your own turf-- your own privilege-- is involved?

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