Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So Out They're In

A belated reflection on a ULA compatriot's "Monday Report."

Regarding the photos which Associated Press ran with:
Natalie and Shawn are great talents; attractive persons; charismatic performers. Both would be central casting's idea of hip young poets. I'd love to have both of them in the ULA. That said, for all their appeal, I wouldn't necessarily put them as attractions in front of Eric Broomfield or Frank Walsh.

Beneath the make-up, Eric is like a young Kerouac. As for Frank, "World's Greatest Poet," he's from a different universe-- is pushing the envelope with his colorful poetry and colorful behavior, yet at the same time is completely genuine. The Columbia kids responded enthusiastically to his performance.

Is Frank Walsh the new cool in the lit world?

What I like about characters like Frank, Jack Saunders, and Yul Tolbert is that they're so out they're in-- they respond to no one's voice but their own. To me they're the epitomy of coolness.

One thing I know for certain is that we shouldn't cater to some constipated stale idea of "hip" perpetuated by the conformists of literature-- the most uptight heads-up-their-asses people in America. We should just be ourselves.

Be genuine and we'll win.


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