Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Upcoming ULA Changes

In the next several weeks, accompanied hopefully by attendant ULA noise, we'll be announcing at last our selection of new ULA Director.

This will enable me to cease being the perceived head man of an organization which in fact has no head man. I'll be playing a more behind-the-scenes role, which will take enough time as it is.

While Frank Walsh will continue spearheading an activist east coast ULA campaign, the selection of a Director is intended as an extended olive branch to the larger literary community. (I've frankly alienated too many people.) The question will be: Is the lit-world ready to accept our writers and artists as equals?

The ULA is capable of acting very swiftly-- as we've shown recently. At the same time our strategy of building the organization itself has been like chess play: slow and deliberate. We've built a solid position on the game board. All moves we make from here must be consistent with that position, must have a nexus to its strength, can never abandon the foundation of independence and integrity we've put in place-- not for short-term gain, when like all good chess players we look toward victory in the end game.

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