Sunday, May 21, 2006

On Playing It Safe

The biggest mistake the ULA now or ever could make is to start playing it safe, worrying about offending this person or that one. I'd rather we offended everybody. We were designed to be un-p.c. and in-your-face, upsetting stuffy folks on the Right AND the Left.

This applies to the web site. Toe nails? Miss ULA? In my opinion we need more of that kind of thing. (Besides, cartoons are very cool right now don't ya know.)

People love to be offended. It's called freedom. What's the alternative? McSweeney's? Ever see their site? How godawfully boring-- bland middle-of-the-road pap following the same template from 1999, with the same stale pretentiousness and cutesy fake writing. I don't care how many robotized readers mindlessly click-on to the thing. It's a reflection of the number of non-independent drones on the lit-scene. "Must--click--on--McSweeney's--whirr--click," instructions tell their programmed brains every morning. "Nothing--here. Back--to--work--whirr--click."

Our site too noisy? I'd like it noisier still. I'd like people to be lost in an assault of mad images and noise; the clutter of the personalities images voices of the ULA invasion.

Give people content and we'll have consistent readers-- great Monday Reports like last week's by James Nowlan; or our upcoming book review feature. People will get used to the boobs and the cat and the toenails. Remember the ULA ethos: We adjust to no one. No whiny wimpy second-guess literary handwringing. People will adjust to us. We represent the freedom of doing our own thing.

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