Thursday, July 19, 2007

Great Reading

The reading yesterday at Germ Books was fantastic-- just about every chair filled, thirty people or more to see our little-known writers group. Many were neighborhood folk. Most I'd guess came because of the amazing article we received in the Fishtown Star, by Brian Rademaekers (a real old-fashioned walk-the-streets reporter) which is attached to the ULA's main site at The best spread about us in several years. (The article looks better and seems longer in the actual paper, with a huge photo of Germ's owner.)

Noteworthy about the audience was that it was NOT your usual genteel literary crowd. Just average folks, young and old. Who needs the gatekeepers? We can go directly to the public.

Crazy Carl, Eric Broomfield, Frank Walsh, Wred Fright-- all performers read well. A good time had by one and all. Great vibe. Musician David Talento accompanied the readers on guitar and toy saxophone, highlighting dramatic narrative moments, in Wred's and Eric's pieces especially, at just the right time.

Mucho thanks to bookstore owner David Williams for having us. The ULA train is on the move!

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