Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Radio Appearance

Look for my appearance on Marty Moss-Coane's "Radio Times" show tomorrow, Thursday, July 12, 11 a.m., at WHYY-FM 90.9. ( as part of a one-hour discussion of the local literary scene.

ALSO, there's a write-up about the ULA's Germ Books show 7/18 at (Mysterious to me is the absence of mention of ULA poet Frank Walsh, who WILL be there also and is only one of the best spoken word poets-- one of the best poets period-- in this large and crazy country.)

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fdw said...

Good luck with this foray King-- best of the provencial radio outlets here which usually doesn't touch anything local or outside the landed gentry mind set or PC interest-- but then again the ULA is a national phenomenon.
It isn't mysterious that I've been edited out of PW's blurb especially since I contributed in giving the actual info for the show-- PSA et al. But I take it as deliberate and consistent with "small minded people have the day". Believe me all this is duly noted on the record-- extending back like some 30 yrs in this City!
Also they "forgot" to mention David Talento, the fine electronica abstract musician Germ has hooked us up with for this reading will be doing background ambient/improv to go along with the great underground writing and poetry next Wednesday at the Bookstore/Gallery!

lisenup said...

Way to go...I heard you on talk radio today. And yes it is hard for the little guy to get exposure.
I published my first Memoir with Trafford - A 1950s American Childhood in Morocco. My second book is in publication with Outskirt - Titled: Sunaru, a fiction story. I have 3 other books I'm presently stoking. But hey, we can all use some help and Thank You for speaking up. By the way I live in Mantua, NJ and I did send Marty from Talk Radio a copy of my 1st book.

King said...

Looking forward to the bookstore reading. In the strict format, Marty plugged it at the very end of the show.
I tried to open up the discussion and break through the lines a bit. The hour went very fast; I hope I got some points in.
Carla Spataro was a good sport.
Marty Moss-Coane looks better in person than on TV, apropos of nothing.
The radio show will be rebroadcast at 11 pm tonite and can be listened to off the WHYY site.
I'm told there was a full bank of calls. Don't know if any ULAers tried to get on.
I hope my points about Frank, Richette, Wred, Nowlan, etc., didn't happen during the breaks! The discussion continued during the breaks.
(People don't seem to fully understand the argument-- that because we don't want a FIXATION on the trivialities of craft doesn't mean we're against craft. Or that because we want more voices being heard doesn't mean we want to exclude the prepsters who ARE being heard in this society. We have no power to exclude anybody.)
Great fun-- I hope it opens the door to other ULAers getting on radio; Frank, Wred, We have some great voices in our outfit which should be heard.

Brooklyn Frank said...

Just listened to the radio show, and it's an excellent interview, really. Karl makes tremendous points about the State of Literature in America, backing them with a lot of historical examples. It's a fascinating listen, really.

Had to click around a bit before I got it, so here's the direct link:

Muchos kudos, Karl. Carla came off well, too. Not easy when pitted against Karl's passion and energy.

fdw said...

Toe to toe the King went goodly.
Not grasping at straws 'cause of some simmering resentment, but 'cause of the project I've been sussing out for some time now calling a spade a spade in this failing System failing on every level and blowing the whistle as is the responsibilty of a "witness"
another "last straw" could be discerned in the Radio Times interview which I listened to last night as it was replayed from yesterday morning.
Namely that the broadcast tone and quality of King's voice was definitely tampered with and "modified" by the WHYY radio engineeres hence by the snot nosed producers of the show with the effect that my opinion Wenclas was censored and/ or otherwise made to look bad by Station Management. Their overall agenda which is made to look secret. their "straw- dog" mind set to accuse the King and therefore the ULA of what they are in fact guilty of and in fact the cause of the "problem" of is typical. What I'm declaiming here can be evidenced besides in the Poetry Foundation article and the AP podcast from THEIR take on our Columbia U Howl coopt in April '06.
Any self respecting PBS maven like Moss-Coen should apologize to Karl as anyone of us in the ULA would were we similarly positioned in the media. But she won't.
Otherwise 'tis good that the Germ bookstore ULA tour reading next Wednesday has gotten pretty good press coverage considered the general backwardness of this backwater of NYC.