Friday, July 20, 2007

What's Next?

(Aside from getting my life in order, which I've found impossible my entire life. . . .)

I'm gradually updating my new Literary Mystery blog ( Once it's up to speed, that will become my main on-line hangout.

There are fresh revelations however coming on this place-- as well as in a "Monday Report" in the preliminary stages about the art world today, for the ULA.

I have several reviews to write for the ULA's review blog, as well as a general essay or two for the same place. THEN-- I hope to work on my own fiction and poetry.

So much writing to do and no time!

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King said...

One other thing we need to work on in the ULA is the organization itself. We've been making great connections with underground artists of all kinds the last several months-- met a couple local writers this past Wednesday. I'll be making up a new ULA info pack as soon as possible, then start circulating it. Building a credible organization takes more than fun and games.