Monday, July 16, 2007

Renaissance Clown

One thing I missed in the local INKY Sunday paper yesterday was a big spread in the fashion section about ULAer Eric "Jelly Boy the Clown" Broomfield. Eric-- most known in ULA circles for his actions at our Howl protest last year-- is one of the most prominent personalities in Philadelphia right now. We're glad to have him as a member. As an undergrounder and a balls-to-the-wall activist, there is no one better.

This young guy is quickly going to be huge. He's multi-talented, can be a success at any art he chooses.

The Question: What field will that be? Can we save him for literature? Will he focus more on music, or sideshow?

Eric embodies everything I've talked about regarding underground writers-- he's a natural. Simply from writing a zeeny hand-written journal of his life and adventures, he's made amazing progress. He has an easy, Kerouac-like facility with words-- as he proved at our last two readings in this town this year, and should again at Germ Books this Wednesday (2005 Frankford Ave in Fishtown).

My argument to Eric will be that literature needs him most.

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