Monday, February 11, 2008

Done with It

For those who were wondering, or if there was doubt--

Put this in your pipe and smoke it: I'm officially through (have been) with the ULA as an Active Member. I've asked to be taken down from my positions of prominence on the ULA site.

The ULA was a quixotic project. When I created it I carried many ideals. Few remain.

I'm still a supporter-- for now-- which means, passively observing from the sidelines, like Achilles at his ships. For further statement see Achilles's speech near the beginning of The Iliad when he was withdrawing from that team.

For me, the ULA is in the past. I'm moving forward.


FDW said...

So this pipe is a lead- pipe?
So, this extreme statement which contradicts other statements about what you were going to hone out of the realation with you friends and equals in the ULA and other than these is no different than want you've been saying for the past few months anyway, has to do with your idealism and the ULA's lack of ideals and nothing to do with personal matters like your post on December 31 and other posts like that one throughout the month of December?
Quite Frankly and then just as a ULAer I find what you're saying here insulting and self-serving at the expense of not only me but everyone else in the ULA.
It's like you're trying to encourage it's dissolution really
when you've been blamed internally (which I didn't and haven't agreed with )for the schisms and membership decline over the last year or so. And have forgotten that.
Yes just because you're ideals have been disappointed doesn't mean that the members of the ULA doan ha' any ideals it just means probably that you did a good job "founding" it and now you should if you're not getting anything you want out of it show some kind of cultured grace and equinimity and go on to something new and more satisfying as you are attempting to do I guess anyway as say a loving mother leaves go of her attachment and possession of her growed up son or daughter be happy that he or she is his or her own independent and socially engaged individual.
You might want to have a look too at those "ideals" a little more closely especially where intention's involved--
like the men of spirit have said :
Physician heal thyself.

Patrick @ LitVision said...

Every man does what he will, but i don't think it should be that easy to divorce yourself from the ULA. And with Valentine's Day coming up! Booo!

When you get bored with blog networks and movie reviews, starting almost from scratch in Detroit, maybe you'll come back. We certainly won't be able to replace you.

King said...

Thanks, Pat.