Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Society Page

While scanning literary sites, I stumbled upon the site for trendy Insider writer Meghan Daum. Anyone who argues that the approved literary world is NOT dominated by bluebloods from backgrounds of extreme privilege had best take a look at her photo at


Very attractive, sure, but very much in a very stuffy snooty Social Register way. Doesn't she look ready for the full dress ball at the mansion? Will Mumsy and Daddy be there? "Brent" or "Chip" or "Darcy" or "Binnie" or "Boo"? Aristocracy lives! Call out the footmen and carriages, with giant mastiffs on guard on the lawns.

But what do you think?


King said...

No fans of Meghan's out there?
No defenders of Beauty?
Yes, the lit establishment is in sad shape.
What did Edmund Burke once say about another patrician babe from another day?
"I would've thought ten thousand swords would have appeared from their scabbards in her defense."
Something like that.
I guess I'm a Daum fan-- wonder now what her writing is like.
A classic American beauty. Life Magazine circa 1940. It's a voluptuous face; a woman's face. Other hyped establishment babes like Miranda July and Marisha Pretzl seem little girls in comparison. Daum's the palace beauty.

Brooklyn Frank said...
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