Saturday, February 23, 2008

Today's Question

Who is Hollywood's best babe?
-Jessica Alba
-Halle Berry
-Scarlett Johansen
-Angelina Jolie
-Eva Longoria
-Jennifer Lopez


FDW said...

Sherylyn Finn
better than Taylor

Brooklyn Frank said...

Jennifer Aniston's still my fave, but Alba and ScarJo are both superhot.

King said...

Aniston's okay, but isn't she kind of bland?
And after all, she had her guy stolen from her by super-babe Angelina.
Thinking of that, I'm reminded of an old movie from the early Sixties which I saw on cable at the Parker in Philly when I first came to that city in 2000 and was romming at that historic resident hotel. (The last of its kind left in that town.)
"Rome Adventure" the name of the film???
Anyway, Suzanne Pleshette was competing for a guy with then super-hot Angie Dickinson, at her absolute peak of attractions-- a true siren-- and Pleshette out of frustration exclaims, "I can't compete with her!"
There are some women, like Jolie, with a touch of madness about them who are able to drive men to madness.

Brooklyn Frank said...

I know I'm probably in the minority opinion, but Jolie's never done it for me. Maybe I like the girl-next-door thing.