Saturday, February 09, 2008

On Raymond Carver

Writers who are fans of Ray Carver should be most outraged at the way he was treated. No better argument can be given for the original ULA campaign, which was supposed to change the dynamic of writers as powerless supplicants subservient to the whims of all-powerful editors and publishers.

The Ray Carver story shows that editorial decisions change the nature of artworks-- decisions based on ideology masquerading as aesthetics; completing the job begun in writing programs of gutting the writer's mind and his work of content and context, leaving mere vague feelings, which is what happened with Carver's writing.

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FDW said...

Real important on subject point King.
Somthing that sorely needs to enter the discussion between gutless writing and consistent acts of passionate vision and advocacy American writing should be.
Namely feelings aren't emotions, and they're of not the same quality.