Thursday, November 20, 2008

Campaign for Social Justice

GIVEN the progressive victories in the political realm, we should expect fundamental CHANGE coming first from progressive organizations themselves. They have the opportunity to set an example; in so doing, to truly live their principles.

I therefore call on the entire staff of The Nation magazine to resign on January 21st, 2009, to be replaced by working class writers, including those represented by the literary underground. Laura Flanders should likewise resign as host of The Nation's radio show.

The Nation is the strongest voice calling for new protest movements to ensure that real societal change will occur. Change means overturning conditions which give positions and forums only to the most privileged members of this society. Nation staffers, who are among those overprivileged, can show by their actions that this will no longer be a caste-based country; that there will be a return to democratic access to speech, with equal opportunity for all.


Lucky Ted said...

I've known a couple of Nation staffers/writers. Both were people who'd immigrated as children from behind the Iron Curtain, were raised by single parents, and went on to excel in the sort of American school you always put down (Yale, Brown). Are they the ones who should resign?

King said...

My question is why the Nation pulls its staff almsot solely from the most elite schools. Doesn't this call into question its populist stance?
It in fact speaks for the well-educated bourgeoisie. Your examplea do nothing to contradict this. (Yes, you get the same from countries, including those who do flee from adversity-- and so this is advertised as diversity.
Excluded, always, are authentic voices from America's lower half.
Have HALF your staff then resign and I'll take this as compromise. . . .