Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who Owns The Nation?

For a couple years now The Nation magazine has been proclaiming in large ads that they're owned by nobody. If that's the case, there should be no hindrance to the entire staff stepping down in order for working class writers to fill their positions, as per my previous suggestion. I hope they hurry. Already, by their failure to embody change, they've set a negative example for the new Obama administration. First to go should be Laura Flanders, who's an upper-class Brit anyway. Surely there are plenty of out-of-work Americans to take her place!

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Anonymous said...

What do you imagine the salary is of someone who works for The Nation?
And would that salary be lower if they hired whatever writers you prefer?
If so, what is the magic salary number that makes them working class?
If not, would those writers stop being working class when they started working for the Nation?
Or is working class merely a background, rather than an earning level?
And if it's a background, do you know the backgrounds of everyone who works for the Nation?

King said...

?? Are you seriously suggesting that Katrina vanden Heuvel, who lives on an enormous trust fund (and who did in fact "buy" The Nation and make herself its editor) is working class?
Many of these people are wealthy and don't need any income. They're slumming.
Take Ms. Flanders.
How in the world did she become a spokesperson for people like me? It's ridiculous.
One could tell from her accent alone that she's from a very uppercrust background. Is this the case?
Yes! She's from the distinguished Cockburn family-- and no doubt used her substantial connections to become a leading player on the "Lefty" scene. One of her uncles in fact has written a column for The Nation for many years.
This kind of cronyism represents the sntithesis of, well, what mags like the Nation ostensibly represent.
It's all phoniness.
But let's hear what Ms. Flanders herself has to say.