Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Roger Hodge

I've had comments from readers of this blog saying they didn't read into Roger D Hodge's November Harper's Notebook piece, "Creative Destruction," what I did. I wonder what they read.

Hodge says, about the campaign-- about which he was clearly an unobjective partisan-- "--one can also join the battle by repeating the rumors about John McCain's Alzheimer's meds or the Sarah Palin sex tape." In his concluding remark, in reaction to an Obama quote that "you can't just make stuff up," Hodge replies, "Oh yes, Barack, we can."

What does that sound like to you? Could he possibly be advocating lying?

Keep in mind that Hodge is the same individual who has justified plagiarism in Harper's pages. I don't see a lot of standards. Do you?


kamil said...

i felt he was coming from a very machiavellian place. that if you actually believe what you believe in, you should be willing to lie, cheat and steal to win a presidential election. but if democrats did that, they'd be republicans and then there would be a one party system, instead of america's dynamic two party system:-)

King said...

You seem to be extremely naive in positing a difference between the two parties.
Are you not aware of what happened in the Presidential election of 1960???
Harpers used to be a journal of some integrity-- since discredited completely.
There is such a thing as character.
Do you think Mr. Hodge should resign?