Tuesday, November 18, 2008


ONCE one notices that the publishing companies are flooding America with blatant propaganda, from "Clique" and "Gossip Girl" books to historically-distorted celebrations of Marie Antoinette, it's an easy step to realize that the bulk of so-called mainstream print media coming out of New York is propaganda. Magazines like Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair, New York, et.al, are the blatant variety. A pseudo-authoritative New Yorker is more subtle, but still the carefully-constructed product of our nation's carefully-selected media aristocrats.

The huge Conde-Nast and Time-Life skyscraper empires are propaganda machines, their headquarters our Ministry of Information, multiplied. Those who lead these entities aren't Publishers, or Editors, but in truth, Propaganda Ministers, far more skillful than the primitive Joseph Goebbels variety. Their mission, likewise, is to create and celebrate an Overclass not entirely of breeding, not yet anyway (that's coming with genetic engineering), but of caste and money.


Anonymous said...

Remind me how many people Conde Nast systematically slaughtered in death camps, and then the Goebbels comparison might stick with me more.

King Wenclas said...

??? But I wasn't talking about death camps.
No doubt, past totalitarian regimes were extremely crude. That's my point.
What techniques did Goebbels and his mentor use to control and manipulate the German populace?
Have their methods been superceded?
LeBon's "The Crowd" was one of their textbooks. I see its influence still, now-- including when dealing with the mainstream publishing industry, whose members think on the level of programmed robots.