Saturday, March 26, 2011

Congrats to Amanda

A demi-puppet (anonymous ghost) at my recent Amanda Hocking post asked me what I thought of her getting a two million advance from one of the bigs.

I think it's fantastic! Way to go, Amanda.

It's curious that folks in the publishing industry are clinking champagne glasses as they celebrate this signing. It's DIY folks who should be celebrating more. Things are going our way.

The status quo celebrating their "victory" is akin to Romans in the latter stages of their Empire celebrating a victory in battle over Atilla the Hun-- a victory accomplished only with two large armies of barbarian Germans at their sides. When you have to buy out the competition to stay ahead-- to maintain your standing-- you're in more trouble than you know.

Industries, like empires, go in cycles. I'd say the publishing industry is at, er, a very mature stage. One corresponding to complacency, arrogance, and stagnation.

The momentum is with the upstarts. The bigs don't have the bucks to buy them all out. But I very much hope they continue trying! Spread those bucks around.

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