Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Worst Pens

I'm one of those dinosaurs who still does much of my writing in longhand, at least when I write poetry and fiction. As I'm writing a "pop" novel right now, I'm using up pens quickly-- and like getting packs of el cheapos for a buck or two at the dollar store, or places like CVS. I've found Papermate to be a value purchase. What is not are the "Comfort Stic" pens sold by Staples. The ink runs out in five minutes, the caps don't fit and don't stay on, and if the ink lasts for any time at all, the pen falls apart. Call it: Junk.

What do other writers use? Suggestions welcome.


Frank Marcopolos said...

I do a lot of long-hand still as well. Bic Soft-Fell Mediums are good and cheap.

(I also enjoy stealing pens from hotels, but that's an entirely different matter.)

Anonymous said...

pencil. always pencil. usually mechanical. they write while upside down. they don't run out in 5 minutes. they are refillable or disposable. and no, I don't really have it in for cap's; I have damage to my spine and it hurts to use my index finger. and pencil is easier without an index finger pushing down.

Anthony said...

For years I used a Uniball that has since been discontinued (but reintroduced in a watered-down format), so now I use the Pilot G-2. Good "hand feel."

SpiderJosh said...
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SpiderJosh said...

honestly- I like Namiki vanishing point pens. As much as I use it, ink being cheap, it's paid for itself over the past couple years and the "price to pen" ratio keeps going down, PLUS the ink I use (noodler's) is Uber permanent, so unless the paper is destroyed, no amount of time, water spills etc. will damage it. And lastly - good weight and writes with literally zero effort, so hand cramps aren't really an issue.

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