Friday, September 09, 2005

Class War in the Literary World

Don't kid yourselves-- that's exactly what the battles the ULA is having with the herd of conformist litsters is about. The Underground Literary Alliance has been attacked from outside and from within. Our enemies-- there's no other way to categorize them-- show hardly a shred of integrity. Lies, plagiarism, phony letters, endless anonymous attacks-- the purpose to enforce a Mono-Class Mono-Think Mono-Literature with no place for outsider voices.

What will be the result if our foes have their way and the ULA is destroyed? One of the few remaining voices standing for real outside the mainstream will have been silenced. A steel curtain will have dropped protectively around the status quo. Only the authorized, the certified, the programmed will be consdiered writers. The conjoined bureaucracies of university and conglomerate will reign dominant over literary culture. We see this now-- the ULA and this blog virtually blacklisted, our every revelation no matter how serious scorned or ignored. The herd is mad at US for Daniel Handler's fake letter-- as if, somehow, we forced him to do it.

What the Handler letter reveals is the grimy truth about the privileged darlings at the center of American literature. For bourgeois writers; for the Insider crowd and their apologists and acolytes, there can be no accommodation, no peace with our kind of writer and artist. A big "X" on the bottom of a page-- that's what this crowd of snobs truly thinks of us. Many of us in the ULA have been treated like shit by this society since Day One. The continuation of same shouldn't surprise us-- it always does. At our core we're idealists; thinking there can be a better way; that we can prevail in our fight to rescue literature from the corrupt careerist conformists who have tight hold of it and won't let go.

No, we're not "writers" in the standardized sense. We only WRITE, honestly expressing our experiences and ideas. I heard on a sports radio show the other day a caller say, about an anthology, "I'm not a reader, but I enjoyed that book." Is there a more telling clue about how to rescue the art; a more important statement about what writers should aim toward, who we should include (everyone); what literature should be about?


King said...

For ULAers who want more background about this, check the remarks about the fake letter at The snarky comments say a lot about the person who made them.
Also be sure to read my comments on the previous post on this blog. Feel free to contact the folks at the Ruminator so we can prod an explanation out of them. Thanks.

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