Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ruminator Response

Today I received this response to my query about the fake letter in the Ruminator:

"We printed a scanned version of the original letter sent to Daniel Handler.
Thank you for your comment,
Susannah McNeely, Editor."

In my reply to this, I said, in part, "Sent to him by who??? Again, I didn't write or send that."

I await further explanation from Ms. McNeely, and from Daniel Handler himself.

(The question: Is this all just a big joke to Handler, Sedaris, McNeely, and others?)


King said...

Any lit people who might possibly be interested in the truth and want to get to the bottom of this matter should contact the Ruminator's Editor,, and publisher Pearl Kilbride,
p.s. I'm going to reiterate here what I said in a private e-mail to someone, that I personally don't want attention from those in the literary realm who have no interest in truth or falsehood, right or wrong; who feel we exist to be scorned and mocked; whose agenda is shutting out contrary, contentious, or alternative ideas; who think and act monolithically, following a herd mentality; and who would just as soon the ULA, and working class writers, and probably the lower classes in total, just go away.
They certainly don't want us speaking for ourselves, and having any kind of a platform or voice. (They can always recruit Barbara Ehrenreich to pretend for a few weeks.)

King said...

p.s. For those who can't figure it out, "Zytron" is a metaphor for something about which I can't get specific. You see, I happen to need that ultra-shitty job right now. . . .

King said...

p.p.s. The point should also be made that most of the leading lit-bloggers first introduced themselves to us through critical remarks about the ULA on their blogs. They BEGAN by mocking and scorning us. This holds true for Maud, Sarvas, Ed Rants, and others-- before we'd heard of a one of them. (Just as I'd not heard of Daniel Handler before hearing about his phony letter.) All the ULA has done is defend itself against these reprehensible characters-- and they're upset that we've done so!

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