Monday, September 12, 2005

Response from Daniel Handler

Since my last post on this matter, I've received an e-mail from Daniel Handler stating that the fake letter was forwarded to him from his publisher. He also says he's since received another. Handler says he doesn't care about the letters, that he has other things to do, etc. I have to point out that he cared enough to pass it around at parties, and include it in the Sedaris interview, as if it was a big joke.

But who's sending the letters to his publisher? I hope Mr. Handler can get back to me about the postmark. One thing I know is that SOMEONE is going to a lot of trouble to play these pranks. The purpose, as it concerns the ULA, seems to be two-fold.
1.) To mimic and therefore mock ULA agitation.
2.) To discredit the sending of real letters, as we've done under our own names in the past (not for quite some time, to be honest), and thereby chill our right to communicate, petition, and protest.
It's a subtle and warped campaign.

As to who specifically is doing it-- the language strikes me as similar to that of "Bryan Guski," the basketball blogger, and others who've been attacking the ULA on this site.

If the Ruminator prints a correction, this matter will be settled.

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