Thursday, September 08, 2005

Demi-Puppet Angst

Last weekend I received an e-mail from long-time McSweeney fan Lee Klein. He wondered fretfully why he couldn't post a comment on this blog. This was a surprise to me, as Lee hadn't yet posted here-- at least, not under his own name.

In 2002 when we had the ULA Forum going, Lee was a regular poster, under a variety of names, including "Throop Roebling." If you don't know, Lee Klein is not only a devoted McSweeney's follower, he's friends with Insider writers like Zadie Smith, Amanda Filipacchi, and others. (To Lee, David Foster Wallace is a god.) One might consider Lee something of an overgrown establishment lapdog.

Could Lee Klein be one of a legion of demi-puppets (like "Bryan Guski") eager to score points with influential lit-people by attacking the ULA? No way! I'm sure his intended post was highly complimentary.

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