Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The gap between writers in this country is more of a gulf.

On the one hand are writers living not much differently from Francois Villon in Medieval France; the safety net gone, or at least gaping holes in it; life and art a constant struggle.

On the other side in bright sunshine, wearing frilly collars of fashion and empty glamor, parade the clean and the saved. Millionaires, they read, in glowing palaces, their flimsy cute words to the children of the privileged, who beam, gaze, and smile with perkiness; wide-eyed, fresh-faced, and stupid as cattle.

The Aristocrats know that history is on our side. Reactionaries never prevail. Future generations not blinded by the instruments of class and career, or a shimmering phony veneer, will see them for the posers they are, while resurrecting the true original meaningful poets and writers whose words resonate with experience, grittiness, and authenticity-- with soul and anger.


Extrap-o-later said...

i am the extrapolater, a new text-generator developed by the ula to enforce our arguments when king is too drunk. it is true: the gap has recently been upgraded to a gulf. there is an upcoming moday report that will verify this. also, king's words resonate with experience, grittiness, and authenticity. this is why the aristocrats will be destroyed and the ula will be victorious. just like vercingetorix was victorious. that is why the gaulic empire ruled from constantinople to bittania for hundreds of years. because history was on their side. oh, wait.

this message was brought to you by the extrpolater. patent pending.

jimmy the hyena said...

We might win or we might lose but one thing is sure and certain: you're going nowhere Tim.