Friday, December 08, 2006

RIP Kirkpatrick

Neo-con icon Jeane Kirkpatrick has passed on to the netherworld from whence she came.

Will obituaries discuss her mysterious involvement with the mysterious Heldref Foundation, which in the 1990's was buying up literary journals?


Extrap-o-later said...

i am the extrapolater, a new text-generator developed by the ula to enfore our positions when king is too drunk. it is true, the heldref foundation spent the 1990s buying up literary journals in order to support the hifaluting lifestyles of neoconservative literary u.n. ambassadors. this is backed up by numerous facts and monday reports. if you don't believe me, you can check zinescene #8, where "permit the frog" published her famous expose of the conspiracy by the heldref foundation, the mormon church, and baskin-robbins ice cream shops to keep king from being a famous and wealthy writer. these are facts. you cannot argue.

this message was brought to you by the extrapolater. patent pending.

jimmy the hyena said...

what's enfore extrapolator? Est-ce que tu voulais par hazard dire "enfoiré"? Seven o'clock friday night and you're already that drunk?

Victor Schwartzman said...

This blog appears to be of interest to some individuals who set up a blog site so they can then post here (and elsewhere) without being 'anonymous'. There is often nothing on those blogs they set up, no personal information, and no email. As is the case with 'extrap-o-later'.

Jimmy the Hyena, we know who he is. Him you can look up. He lives in France, which explains a great deal. You should buy his movie.

The "extrap-o-later", sooner or later, may be found out. He may be a certain Kid in the Hall, posing as Joanne Woodward from the Three Faces of Eve (although she only had three personalities).

Be all that as it may, although it is definitely not nice to speak ill of the dead, it's hard not to regard Ms. Kirkpatrick's demise as a sort of demented Christmas gift (well, she was a bit demented).

At least she did not kill anyone, not directly anyway.

Which brings us to Pinochet, who died today.

Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!