Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Last weekend I took a few things out of storage, including some ULA stuff. (Saw a guy there who lives out of storage; or at least, seemed to be cleaning up and changing his clothes. An underground poet?)

Among the items I took out were several of the real underground masterwords created over the past twenty-five years, including Jack Saunders's Screed, Michael Jackman's "The Army" zeen, "Security" by James Nowlan (more about that later), Fred Woodworth's novel Dream World, and two great books by Joe Pachinko.

I also came upon a copy of an exchange in The Believer from 2003 between the ULA's Michael Jackman and the lit-establishment's Tom Bissell. Some interesting points were made. A Jackman quote:

"Bissell spends a good deal of effort constructing a laughable fantasy world in which the ULA has the almost Soviet power to decide what is published. Let's just say that I wouldn't want to live in a world where people like Bissell decide what is published. Yet, the punch line here is that I actually do live in a world where people like Bissell decide what is published."

In response, Bissell says about Jonathan Franzen, "a writer who, when I first met him six years ago, was basically living from month to month and struggling as much as I've ever seen anyone struggle. . . ."

But wait a minute! Mr. Franzen during that time was a subscriber of my newsletter. Copies were mailed to a ritzy address on Manhattan's upper east side-- probably the most expensive piece of residential real estate on the planet.

Quite a definition of "struggling"!


jimmy grace said...

Why don't you post some selections from the underground stuff you found? Surely it's more interesting than The Believer.

King said...

What a fake. You're the classic definition of demi-puppet-- no substance to you; a spectre of the imagination, or of the malicious mists. (See "The Tempest.")
I'd like to get more from these writers up, definitely.
I'll post an address for Woodworth's book when I can. Will you buy it? It might open your eyes.
"Interesting"? The self-involved Believer crowd-- those whose readings you attend-- obviously find that kind of thing interesting. They don't realize it's disconnected from 90% of the American people.

jimmy grace said...

I attended a reading of a friend of mine. Handler also read. I guess I should have stood up and shot him to prove my underground cred, instead of rolling my eyes and having another drink while he read out loud from the letters you send him.

I can't afford to buy many new books but I try to read anything I can get my hands on.

Everything I've written here is true and above board. I guess you've decided you're OK with debate. Congratulations.

jimmy the hyena said...

You think King really sends letters to Handler or is he just making that stuff up? You don't have to shoot him to prove your underground cred or whatever how about going GG Allin or something, get naked defecate on the floor, really....damn you'd be a star then like get a friend to come with a digital camera or something. If they brought charges that be just even more publicity and you could plead not guilty by reason of insanity and after maybe get on SSI. After that you could start your own group be bigger than either the ULA, GG Allin or even Handler.

jimmy grace said...

Hyena, I don't care about Handler or about my cred. I just posted that I'd like to see some of the righteous underground lit that King claims he came across, rather than a rehash of a pretentious stupid lit magazine fight.

It's Wenclas who jumps in with the same stupid accusations.

chilly charlie said...

Hey, no fair! If Tim gets to post here, so should I!

JDF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jimmy the hyena said...

some of that righteous underground lit will be on sale soon Tim, maybe you can by yourself some copies of'll make a believer of both you and Handy Handler...

King said...

I don't want "Grace" or "Charlie" on this blog. Why I'll have to cut off comments again-- their goal, no doubt.
Grace sounds much like the character who tried to mutilate my wiki entry-- who was sending me e-mails about the fake Handler letters.
Fakery from these people from top to bottom.
"Grace" couldn't even get diy right; some millionaire playing games. (Likely Handler, Eggers, Berman, or even Moody.)
Newsflash: I'm not going away.

jimmy grace said...

Yeah, my typo on DIY was pretty stupid, I'll give you that. (I gave you it earlier, but you deleted it.)

Let me ask you, King: why is it so impossible that someone who disagrees with you is NOT part of the literary establishment millionaire's club?

King said...

A lot of non-millionaires don't agree with the ULA's campaign. Haven't ya noticed?
They're called demi-puppets.
(You're an obvious fake. It's a sign of your utter lack of intelligence, like so many of your kind, that you think you're fooling people. Too long hanging around the Believer crowd, I guess. They mistake data for knowledge, smugness for smarts.)

King said...

p.s. YOU expressed curiosity about the underground books I cited. Will you purchase one of them?
Fred really does need the help.
He's also an original thinker, as anyone who's read The Match! can testify.

jimmy grace said...

Wow, a personal insult followed by a sales pitch. What a great supporter you are of underground arts!

I love that my previous accused incarnation was some old poet enemy of yours. Now I'm apparently part of the Believer crowd. I guess next week you'll accuse me of being royalty.

chilly charlie said...

NO, King, I don't want you to cut off comments. Just be fair. You know Tim Hall is playing you as Jimmy, Chief, Extrap-o-lator, and god knows who else but you allow his comments to remain and you reply to them.

I think I have been an important part of the conversation for over a year now, because I've pointed out that you have a persistent, somewhat crazed stalker in your midst.

I have recently pointed out that he was playing both sides while still a member of your group! Go back and read "Frantic" again.

But you let HIS comments stand, and you delete MINE.

Doesn't seem like a really level playing field. Tim has a great skill at isolating his enemies and going for their jugulars one at a time. You should be careful of that. This is why I refuse to go negative on you or your group. Tim Hall is the only negative one.

See my blog, ohthenarcissism.blogspot, for continuing updates on the many faces of Eve.

Oh, and Extrap-o-lator is also Tim Hall.

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