Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chasing the American Dream

I caught a few minutes this morning of the Laura Ingraham radio talk show. Fake-populist self-proclaimed "Christian" Laura was laughing hysterically at a portion of a speech by politician Dennis Kucinich in which he discussed the poverty of his Cleveland upbringing. I haven't decided if Ingraham is insane, evil, or both. Laughing at hardship? She embodies the essence of cruelty. No wonder folks are running away from the Right Wing.

Yes, I guess the idea of someone like Kucinich running for President is truly laughable in this corrupt society. Ingraham missed his point-- his emphasis that he's FROM the people, not imposed from on high as are too many Presidential candidates in both parties.

Just as the Underground Literary Alliance represents authentic culture, from the populace. Like Dennis Kucinich, we also are chasing the American Dream. Is there a place for us in literature today?

We think our chances are much better than Kucinich's. We've embarked on an adventure to make change. Care to join our ranks? We offer not complacent stasis, but change-- the thrilling challenge to turn literary culture completely on its head while founding a new and exciting organization. These are our early days. Jump aboard for the ride!

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