Friday, December 08, 2006

Best American Poet?

Adam Kirsch makes this claim in the December 7th New York Sun about Frederick Seidel.

After reading the excerpts given by Kirsch, I'd say the ULA's Frank Walsh is demonstrably better than Seidel. My task will be to prove this through examples in the weeks leading up to the big Philly Read-Off now being set up between Walsh and the genetically-engineered U of Penn freak "Super-Poet."

Stay tuned for more details.


jimmy grace said...

Justin Chin gets my vote.

Extrap-o-later said...

i am the extrapolater, a new text-generator developed by the ula to enforce our arguments when king is too drunk. jimmy grace we do not like you. you are not diy enuf. you cannot vote.

this message was brought to you by the extrapolater. patent pending.

M.D.G. said...

Best american Poet? Baraka. There is little competition.

chilly charlie said...

Hey, extrap-o-crapper, how drunk are you this morning?

Bruce Hodder said...

Anybody read Paul Skyrm? If I had a vote he'd get mine. He's strange, but brilliant. Having said that I've never read any of the others.

M.D.G. said...

I wanted to get a chance to say before the comments were cut off that yes Paul Skyrm is a great writter and I have nothing but respect for him. Guess I said it now for what it matters.